Fireplaces and wood/pellet stoves can save you hundreds, even thousands, in annual heating costs. Not only will you save money, but there isn’t anything like the warmth of a slowly roasting fire. The crackling and the sight feels like home. However, there are dangers in using a firebase heating element. Cleaning your chimney yearly by chimney services near me is crucial to your safety. Jurassic Construction LLC in Lehighton, PA, can inspect, maintain, and repair your chimney with competitive pricing.

Springtime Inspections

Professional chimney sweeps do more than just clean. They inspect your chimney and flue for debris, bugs, rodents, and cracks. Soon after your last fire of the season, call chimney services near me, such as Jurassic Construction LLC. They can come out and do the necessary inspections to make sure you are up and running for next winter. This allows plenty of time to receive significant repairs or debris removal, so it does not leave you out in the cold.

Fire Prevention

Approximately 25,000 fires are the direct cause of poor chimney maintenance every year. These can be minor inconveniences or a total loss of your home. Protecting you and your loved ones from a preventable danger is vital. Your hometown chimney services near me, Jurassic Construction LLC, will do an extensive inspection inside and out. Replace any lining, bricks, or obstructions to ensure your family is safe.

Intensifying Effectiveness

Do you know that a professional chimney sweep heightens your fireplace/stove efficiency? The air flows less when your chimney becomes clouded in soot and debris. This, in turn, can cause the heat not to flow evenly, leaving parts of your home freezing while others are sweltering. Additionally, your house could be filling up with light smoke, which could cause breathing issues. Professional chimney services near me, such as Jurassic Construction LLC, will find and remedy the problem.

Save Money

In theory, you could clean your chimney yourself. However, remember that saying, ‘The cheap comes out expensive?’ Professional Chimney services near me have the experience to know when something is broken or needs a replacement. They understand what to look for, have the tools to remove debris or nests, and can complete your job without worrying about your next winter season. The fine folks at Jurassic Construction LLC have licenses and bonded, so you will always be in expert hands.

Call (267) 356-5626 or visit the website for excellent chimney services near me. You can also view all of Jurassic Construction LLC’s benefits and current deals. Winter is fastly approaching, don’t be left out in the cold!